We carry a range of boxes for moving house etc. Very strong in a range of sizes from a box for books to a pallet sizes box.

At the moment all the sizes are not listed here. There are a lot of other sizes available please call us for information if you have a particular size requirement.

1st measurement is the length of the box in millimetres
2nd measurementis the depth of the box
3rd measurement is the height of the box


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Code Name Size Pack Size Price
HBOXS10 Single Wall Box.( CAN VARY IN SHAPE) 600 x 380 x 400 approx 10
HBOXS1 Single wall box (CAN VARY IN SHAPE) 600 x 380 x 400mm approx 1
HBOXB10 Brown Double Wall Corrugated Box 457 x 318 x 318mm 10
HBOXB1 Brown Double wall corrugated box 457 x 318 x 318mm 1
HBOXD10 Brown Double Wall Corrugated Box 500 x 380 x 460 10
HBOXD1 Brow double wall corrugated box 500 x 380 x 460mm 1
HBOXG10 Brown Double Wall Courrgated Box 610 x 457 x 610 10
HBOXG1 Brown double wall corrugated box 610 x 457 x 610mm 1
HBOXE10 Brown Double Wall Carboard Box 785 x 525 x 610 10
HBOXE1 Brow double wall cardboard box 785 x 525 x 610mm 1