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Polypropylene strapping available in a range of widths, breaking strains & colours for hand application. It is light, flexible and easy to handle. Strapping is ideal for pallet stabilisation, bundling & collation.

If you can't see the strapping you require, please contact us. Other grades are available.
size (mm) 1st Measurement = Width of strapping
size (m) 2nd Measurement = length of roll.

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If you wish to collect from us please contact us before hand as to ensure we have your item in stock.

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Code Name Size Pack Size Price
ST12EHD Polypropylene black hand strapping 260kg breaking strain 12mm x 1000mtr 1
ST16EHD polypropylene black hand strapping 420kg breaking strain 16mm x 750mtr 1
TT55BLU Polypropylene blue hand strapping 300kg breaking strain 12mm x 1000mtr 1
CC1650 Polypropylene blue hand strapping 350kg breaking strain 16mm x 800mtr 1
CC1240 Polypropylene White Hand Strapping 130kg breaking strain 12mm x 200mtr 1
CC1250 Polypropylene white hand strapping 220kg breaking strain 12mm x 1300mtr 1
TT55Y Polypropylene yellow hand strapping 300kg breaking strain 12mm x 1000mtr 1
TT45 Polypropylene black hand strapping 185kg breaking strain 12mm x 1500mtr 1
OTT40 Polypropylene black hand strapping 145kg breaking strain 12mm x 2000mtr 1