random design patterned strung paper bags. These bags are made from recyled paper. There are normally between 4 & 6 different designs/colours in the pack, which will change from order to order. We have no control over what the assortment will be.

Also because the bags are made from recycled paper the quality will vary from time to time. Please contact us for samples and information.

1st measurement is the width of the bag in millimetres
2nd measurement is the length of the bag in millimetres.


please contact us for prices 

If you wish to collect this item please contact us to ensure item is in stock.

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Code Name Size Pack Size Price
RD57 Random Design Paper Bags 125 x 175mm 1000
RDS79 Random Design Paper Bags 175 x 225mm 1000
RD811 Random Design Paper Bags 215 x 275mm 1000
RDS1014 Random Design Paper Bags 250 x 350mm 500
RD1314 Radom Design Paper Bags 325 x 350mm 500
RD1418 Random Design Paper Bags 350 x 450mm 500
RD1921 Random Desgin Paper Bags 475 x 525mm 250