Till Rolls. cash register rolls. PDQ & card machine paper rolls. At the moment some rolls that are not listed here. Various others are available including plain paper & 2 ply paper rolls. If you are not sure about the size or type of roll required for your machine, please contact us with make & model etc, and we should be able to identify the correct roll for you.

See also clearance lines
1st measurement = width of paper on roll
2nd measurement = diameter of roll


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If you wish to collect from us please contact us,to ensure we have the item in stock.


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Code Name Size Pack Size Price
TR80T Thermal cash register & PDQ rolls 80 x 80mm 20
TR57T Thermal cash register & PDQ rolls 57 x 51mm 20
TR5738T Thermal cash register & PDQ rolls 57 x 38mm 20
TR57 Cash Till Roll A Grade 57 x 57mm 40
TR702P Cash Till Roll 2 ply 76 x 70mm 20
TR572P Cash Till Rolls 2ply 57 x 55mm 20